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Côr y Gors

Côr y Gors is a unique musical ensemble (with lots of voices) who perform and record songs written for
them by song writer/composer, Nick Jones. They have been ploughing their own harmonic furrow since 2004, in a  coastal village called Borth in mid Wales.

  It is choral music at times, because there are many voices singing in harmony, and the roots in Western choral traditions are undeniable.  However, go a little deeper, and words like choral and choir don't really describe the sound and the music which Côr y Gors makes.
Côr y Gors have performed extensively throughout Wales and elsewhwere too.
They have a repertoire of over 65 songs. 
Recent activities:
Performances at the "Fire in the mountain" festival near Aberystwyth 31st May.
Nepal earthquake benefit, Ceredigion museum, Aberystwyth thursday June 4th.
Cymerau/Hydro citizens community project "Dogfen y gors"
Meet my choir-BBC Radio 3, 29th November
New CD release-December 
Refugee benefit. Tabernacle, Machynlleth. January 2016
Narbeth Acapella festival                            February 2016

Songs from "There we are then"   2016

One Breath          

Ask a friend                          
 Closed Layers      

Catch me while I sleep
Demo - 2005
9 track Album - 2007
Here comes the light
Live CD - 2008
Tongue ties
                                     Live - 2010                       
There we are then
 11 track Album -2016 

Extracts from Headset and
Here comes the light:


Tongue Ties
(April 2010)
A song cycle which takes a look at notions of bi-lingualism and identity in Wales.
Performed  by choir and instrumental ensemble partially lit behind a screen onto which images and text were projected.
The initial research and ideas stage of the project was made possible after receiving a Welsh arts council award.
Performed in Theatr y Castell, Aberystwyth.
led by Esther Thomas.
Visuals by Chris Petts.
The Finisher  "Almost tucked in"
Extracts from Tongue Ties.

Big Noise On Borth Beach
(Summer 2009)
Côr y Gors, friends, and De Propere Fanfare
from Gent in Belgium. A one off event on Borth beach. A piece written especially for the occasion. An 80 piece Belgian marching band meets a choir of 70 local voices.

Voices on the trail. Belgium.
(Summer 2007)
Conceived by Thomas Noel.
Côr y Gors with the Livingstone ensemble.
Welsh choir/ Belgian jazz band collaboration.
De Vieze Gasten, Ghent, Belgium. (View video on projects abroad page)

Tour of South West Ireland
(Summer 2005)
Wexford, Callan, Kilkenny, Waterford
A tour funded under the C.Cat / Interreg scheme with the objective of making cultural links, showcasing the new repertoire, and gaining performance experience.We did all this and more!

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