nick jones music
Composition and recording.
Theatre production. C-mine, Genk, Belgium.
Onkallo (2013)
Composition and recording for Yawar.
Theatre/ Dance production. Performed at the C-mine,Genk, Belgium.
A Symphony of waste.
The Clean Wind (2012)
De Propere Fanfare and Cor y Gors in  Maribor,Slovenia
European capital of culture.

The Passengers (Summer 2010)
Co directed with Thomas Noel
Song arrangements
A musical revue/theatre production in De Vieze gasten, Ghent, Belgium.
A story with "magical song moments" set in a disused railway station, where a ghostly vocal group accompany lost travelers and help them on their journeys.

Twelfth night (Winter 2008-09)
Director/Composer (including setting of songs from the play)
Shakespeare's most musical play.  Production with students of University college Utrecht, Holland.

El Amaru (Summer 2008)
A collaboration between Yawar Theatre, Belgium and Arena y Esteras, Peru. Performed outdoors at the Hasselt international theatre festival, Belgium.
Peruvian folk tales and physical theatre combine in a colourful outdoor show with lots of live music, lighting, effects and lycra!

Voices on the trail (Summer 2007)
Côr y Gors with the Livingstone ensemble.
Welsh choir/Belgian jazz band collaboration.
De Vieze Gasten, Ghent, Belgium.

Brown Bovari (Between 2005-2007)
A Yawar production.  Youth theatre company based in Genk, Belgium.
New and old cultures clash in dramatic in and outdoors production.

T.Piece (Winter 2003)
Composer/workshop leader
Theatre production with homeless young people in Utrecht, Holland
A group of young people find themselves enmeshed in a nightmarish game show in which they are forced to reconsider their motives and morals.
An extract of the music used to accompany a scene at the end of the game show, in which the contestants appear to turn and shoot at the audience:

Son (2003)
Y Gymraes. English translation of Sera Moore williams' Mab.  Assitej international theatre festival in Seoul, South Korea.

Halte Vechstraat (Spring-Summer 2001)
Musical director/composer.
A large scale site specific production with long term unemployed people in Groningen, Holland.
Life and rebellion in a tyrannical water bottling plant. Physical theatre, live music, fire, and some reflective moments.
A segment of the music written for the final scene in which the liberated workers take part in a final massed waltz:

Cardboard City
(Autumn 2000)
Si e la Vida.  Nicaragua.
Project with homeless children in Managua. Baseball pitch performance.
Rise Phoenix (1999)
Vushtri Theatre, Kosovo.  Song writer and workshop leader.
Stage Show, procession and workshops with children affected by the war in Kosovo.
The Tempest/Grimms tales (1993)
Musician/Composer.   Moscow.
European Association of Students of Theatre and the Moscow State Student Theatre Company.

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