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  Whistler is a 3 piece band with Ruth Edwards, Siwan Morys and Nick Jones.
New songs below recorded at Foel Studio, summer 2015
  Below that are some other recordings.
  In May 2015 Whistler performed many times at the Bom festival in Gent, Belgium.



Can't Dance.     2015
Fly by                 2015
Below are some recordings,  two extracts from The crow's shiny baby e.p.
  Also recordings we made with Tom Gunn in summer 2014
 In Another        2014
"Spanner" Rafa club Aberystwyth, July 2013

Bushbury Recordings. 2011

  "Spools"                  extract.
 "One Side"             

"Meantime"             extract

"Sucker punch tax"    
"Call it home"   Crow's shiny baby e.p.   extract.     (Engineered by Meic Bromwell, 3rd Ear)
"Whistler"   Crow's shiny baby e.p.  extract.                (Engineered by Huw Evans)

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